Until You Get Bored

I wrote a blog this morning and sent it to Courtenay for editing. Here is her response when I called her to ask how the editing process was going:

“That is the worst blog you’ve ever written, and I’m not even done figuring out what you’re trying to say in the second paragraph, which comes after a run-on partial sentence/paragraph in the introduction. Plus, sometimes your parenthetical asides are more distracting than helpful.”

“Okay, I’ll rewrite it.”

“No, I’ll just rewrite the whole thing, if I can even figure out what you’re trying to say.”

“It’s okay, I’m a better writer; I’ll do it myself”

“Yeah, you’re a much better writer… ‘Blah blah incomplete sentence blah, I feel better, I thought everyone hated me, but they don’t, and by-the-way I want a new bike.’”

Below is the long version of that synopsis (rewritten by Courtenay Brown):

It’s Like Being On House – Without The Super Hot and Witty Docs

This morning and the rest of last night were a continuation of the awful throbbing headache and pain that has been gradually worsening over the past few days. After the second shot of morphine last night I passed out, only to be awoken 30 minutes later by another phlebotomist who needed an additional blood sample […]

Do You Prefer Sunburn or Rash?

The state of my skin the past 48 hours has gone from “don’t want to whine and make excuses” to “wow this really hurts, I can’t believe I let myself get this burned” to “twitterable, but I’ll try not to sound too complainy” to “full on bloggable.” I’ve been taking antibiotics the past 9 days. […]