Have fun at Wildflower

Yesterday I missed my track workout by laying down for a 20 minute nap that lasted 5 hours, so I figured I squeeze it in today before the Green River Time Trial.

With no race wheels and tired legs I still managed to take out local pro triathlete, Chris Tremonte, which had me feeling pretty good about myself until I checked the results to see that my 1st place finish in CAT 4/5 was just 20th overall. Furthermore, I got passed by a guy who was doing the race for the second time today.

A little reality check is always good, and this has me well prepared for next week when I race my first swim meet in two years, May Flowers. I’ll be swimming the 400 and 800 free, plus the 200 IM (my former love).

So while I’m kicking butt against 15 year olds next weekend, I want to wish luck to everyone travelling to Wildflower, especially the locals: Chris Tremonte, Jes Notman, and Loren Pakorny (former local).

And don’t take it too personally Chris, but my money’s on Tim Marr.

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