Class Act

That’s how I feel at school this week. I’m acting like I’m there, I’m physically there, but I have no idea where my mind and body are. I’m exhausted from training, and took the last of my first round of midterms this morning (gen chem). Positive thoughts though, I only have to wait two weeks for another round of midterms to start! My forethought in taking 19 credits this quarter was somewhat lacking, but challenges are what I’m best at, so I’ll just have to back half this quarter and finish strong.

On a lighter note, I had dinner with Natalie George, the national rep for Garmin’s Fitness line. She walked me through some of the finer points of how to use my watch to it’s full potential, and I have to say the little piece of plastic is truly impressive, and the symbiotic software package makes the information extremely valuable for training (and racing) analysis. With the online features I’m going to have a hard time hiding anything from Coach Mike (not that I ever would).

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