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This weekend is my first swim meet in two years. I’ll be swimming the 800 free on saturday and the 400 free and 200 IM on sunday. (I just couldn’t bring myself to sign up for a meet without the 200 IM, it’s still my love. [note to 400IM: you’re still my love too, but your 100 breast stroke is just so hard on the knees]). My goal for the meet is to have fun, which should be easy considering my buddy brians goals…

Brian Davis, former NCAA swimmer for Northwestern, and I have been swimming every morning (along with his lovely wife Marijana) at Evans Pool (much to the dismay of the former regulars, who have all but stopped coming [sorry]). Brian is a purist, and while he does entertain the idea of trying out a couple Triathlons, his real goal is to become the worlds greatest open water swimmer. The only thing standing in his way is economics and time. He’s been working at home the past year, which has made it easy for him to swim, but now that he’s taken a job in a real office, his time is about as flexible as the long-dead rat my cat gifted to me this morning.

Sunday Brian will swim his first meet in a year, and his first 1500m race in almost 2 years, with the goal of making the US 10k Open Water Nationals cut of 16:04. For perspective, that is holding 1:04s long course, and is 35 seconds below the USA Swimming Junior National cut for the event. Pretty quick for three months of 85 degree rumbles at Evans.

So while I’m having fun, Brian will be demonstrating his sheer will in trying to finish this race.

Good luck Brian!

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