Get Set, TRI!

This morning was the “Get Set, Tri” in Forest Grove,
Oregon, at the same course that will host the USAT short course
nationals June 30th.

Turned out to be more of a Get Set, ok, now wait another hour while we get organized…TRI! — But no matter…

I set a world record in my 1500 meter swim (9:04). I know it was a
record and not a falsely measured course because the race director
insisted that it was measured correctly even after Myself, and the 3
people a minute behind me easily blew away any previous, non-current enhanced,
open water mile records. (it was obvious to myself and everyone else
there that the director was surely not referring to the same meter
that the rest of us are familiar with).

My T1 was ugly (my first cold weather race after getting into
triathlons while living in Honolulu). I struggled getting off my
wetsuit, and slipped in the mud out of the water because I couldn’t
feel my feet.

Safely on the bike with a good margin between myself and second place
I settled into a pace (not as fast as I would have liked, but it did
the job). Then I realized that what had started as a light sprinkle
was now cold liquid pellets that stung my face on the descents (there
are lots of descents on this course, and consequently lots of ascents
too). Luckily, the only hairy corners on the course were my knees,
so I didn’t have to worry about falling on the wet roads. Overall a
great bike.

T2 – lost a shoe and had to go back for it, put on my running shoes
and bolted. Once my feet gained feeling again (did I mention it was
COLD?), I was able to focus on my own race and I finished the run in
35 minutes on a pretty hilly course. It’s hard to qualify a run PR
with the courses always changing, but that must have been close.

First overall win of the year, and a great race. There’s always
things to improve, but anytime I finish with a smile (as oppose to an
IV) I’m happy. Anyone going to nationals should be stoked for a
rockin’ (and very rollin’) course. Absolutely beautiful (especially
if they fix the swim).

Next up, Issaquah Triathlon outside Seattle June 2nd, and then the HY-Vee Triathlon in
Iowa June 17th!

p.s. In other news, my new Head Stinger 60’s are on their way (a big thank you to Anne Hed for the quick shipping)

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