Weekend With a Legend

Last week I was in San Jose for a job interview, so I decided to take up former Seattleite, Loren Pokorny, on his open invitation to visit his new place in Tiburon. I was lucky to choose the same weekend that Loren’s family was hosting Kaite Mactier, who is a legend (Olympic silver, amazing cyclist…check the link and be impressed).

Loren and I started off the mini-hell weekend with a 2 mile swim in “the lagoon” (a 1km long, 72 degree salt water strip). Loren promised me I’d see fish, but all I saw was a flounder in a green swim cap.

Next up: follow some CAT1 women on what became a much longer ride than we planned. I had a blast, and I’m convinced I need to move to Marin County. My cycling skills, however, are a little less than perfect, and at dinner Saturday night Katie laid into me (nicely) about pace, position, and pointing. I told he she should speak up if I’m doing a poor job, so she agreed to give me an etiquitte lesson Sunday morning after my long run.

Sunday: a long easy run up a big hill, then breakfast before the ride.

I have to say, learning biking etiquette by following a beautiful Olympian is infinitely better than any alternative. I’m going to start riding with women more often.

Loren’s family is great. His wife, Greta, has been cheering me on everyday as I come closer to killing her husband, and she thanks me with delightful food, and allowing me to share a room with one of her two adorable daughters. Piper enjoyed my company, and showed it by telling me goodnight about 100 times at the top of her lungs before pooping in her diaper and passing out.

The man of the household…not so adorable. I do have a new respect, however, for all the athletes out there with full time jobs, and families. Loren does an amazing job of balancing his time between workouts, work, and hanging out with his wife daughters. On top of that he’s a regular Jared, having lost 50 pounds since he decided to start racing again. Next time you see him pass you on the bike, you should know, he’s a legend.

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