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My first triathlon was 2 years ago. I bought a bike from Speedy Reedy, and 3 days later I raced in the Issaquah Sprint Triathlon. That race was a bit ugly. Without a wetsuit, I had a panick in the 62 degree waters of Lake Sammamish, and did backstroke for a good portion of the race. I was passed repeatedly on the bike, and my run was the product of an untested theory that running sucks. I finished the race in 1:12, and couldn’t believe that anyone could call something so arduous a “sprint”.

Two years later, I returned to Issaquah to repeat the course. With over a dozen races in the interim I’ve learned a couple things, and yesterday’s race was a lot more fun. I finished in 58:40

Here’s me vs me: (the course did change a bit, and I think the main difference was a slightly shorter run. It’s hard to say.)

2005 — 2007
place: 25 — 1
age: 21 — 23
sex: male — still male
swim: 0:05:39 — 0:06:05.9
T1: 0:01:55 — 0:00:45.1
Bike: 0:41:09 — 0:34:51.2
T2: 0:01:17 — 0:00:44.4
Run: 0:22:12 — 0:16:08.8
Total: 1:12:11 — 0:58:35.6

I’m pretty happy with the improvement of my transitions. This raises my years results to 2 wins, and two seconds, but undefeated among amateurs. Next up – Hy-Vee Triathlon June 17th in Des Moines, Iowa

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  1. Nice job Ben. Did you really get slower in the swim or did the course just go longer. I also have suspicions that you just hid in the water and popped up when you thought you had been under long enough. This is what I will be trying next weekend in Sacremento.

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