A Womping in Lake Washington

Tuesday night I went for an open water swim with Brian Davis. We were going for 6 minute intervals, in which time we could either draft off each other, swim side by side, or try to make a gap on the other guy.

I tried on the first interval to make a gap and nearly killed myself. First I sat on Brian’s feet and tapped him to encourage him to wear himself out, then I threw in the overdrive, and came around. I got an arms-length, I took a breath to see open water, but as the adrenaline kicked in and I drove myself into a full on sprint a thundering bellowed from the depths of the lake – boom boom boom. King Triton must have been furious to see me out-swimming his mermen! The thunder grew louder – BOOM BOOM BOOM – and the cadence increased until the noise was the steady growl of an unseen predator. My next breath saw a shoulder in place of the open water, and white water was thrown into my gasping mouth. Brian’s legs were throwing a rooster-tail that rivals the hydroplanes, and a wake as big as a ferry’s.

We continued at full speed for another 30 seconds. I threw myself into the jet stream and threw myself forward until we both rolled onto our backs and gasped for air. “O…K…” I gasped. “t-two… more…”.

Today’s my last day of full-on intensity before taper. A tough bike workout and a tough swim. I’m going to tear it up.

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  1. Awww… Now you’re just being sweet.

    Thanks for coming back. I started getting fat without someone to push me around.

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