Goodbye to San Fran

(for now). I’m safely back in Seattle today. I flew home yesterday, after a pretty crazy weekend. After the Folsom Triathlon Loren’s family, and Ian’s family held a bbq to celebrate. By the time we had toasted to the three competitors I was pretty much ready to fall asleep. My legs wouldn’t cooperate, however, so I ended up walking around Paradise Cay (NE Tiburon) for a couple hours. It just so happened that Sunday night was the perfect night for the occasion too, because it was the peak of teh August meteor showers, and I saw some incredible shooting stars. If it’s truly good luck to wish on a shooting star, then I definitely filled my luck reserves. I’ve always said I don’t need luck, but it doesn’t hurt to bring it along in case.

My friend Christine gave me a ride to the airport yesterday morning, which was only mildly frightening (I’m not a big fan of riding in cars). The check in was easy, once again my custom bike case saved me $80. It seemed like the morning was going pretty well until I arrived in Seattle to find that Alaska had managed to lose my training wheels. What’s more annoying is the 30 minutes they make you wait when you call, first on hold, then while they look around the baggage area for your lost parcels. They found it, but what I’m wondering is why I had to call for them to go looking. Why wouldn’t they have just sent it to my home as soon as it arrived? Who knows how long they would have waited had I not called to check on the status.

This morning I went for what was probably the hardest track workout I’ve ever done. It only totaled a bit over 9k of fast running, but it was a real challenge to finish. It will make me stronger. In the end, I’m just stoked that three days after a race, without much sleep, and travelling on top of that, I was able to finish the workout without failure. Can I get a Booyah?

Stay tuned for an audio addition to one of my next blogs.

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  1. No mention of the smackdown you received in the lake? Methinks all this success has gotten to your head.

    P.S. I think I had a couple heart attacks on Wednesday… We need to hit up the lake some more before it freezes over.

  2. Keep it up Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!You’re going to rock’em in Germany. FYI—the vertical climb at Folsom was almost 500 feet to the turn around. Yes, that qualifies as a hill you monster.

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