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Sorry guys, this post is not about the Danskin all-women Triathlon last weekend. (But congrats to the 3500 women who finished!!! You should be proud! Now keep up the good work and I’ll see you at some coed races next year!) The photos from Hy-Vee Triathlon (June 17th) are available online now. Brightroom’s dependable and quick turnaround could not be accomplished without the help of the athletes, who so diligently neglect to apply sun screen prior to body marking.

Looking back I realized that Hy-Vee may be the last race I ever do without a shirt. If somebody had come up to me at a dual meet in college and told me that my size 26 racing brief was too small for me to look professional, I would have laughed in their face. “Mark Spitz!” I would have retorted. Now, the International Triathlon Union has strict rules on race uniforms for Professional Triathletes, and even if I wanted to risk the chafing nightmare of an over-tight speedo, the rules say I must not show midriff and the hair on my chest is completely Taboo. A one piece “Farmer John” cut suit with a zipper in the back is now required for World Cup races. It’s okay though, I’m happy with it. It does look more professional. Just as long as we’re not required to wear khaki shorts and white polo shirts.

Friday I leave for Hamburg, and World Championships is on September 2nd. September 3rd my Pro/Elite License becomes effective, and September 9th I race in the Kedzierzyn Kozle ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup. I’m the only American entered.

I’ve been posting more regularly, but make sure you check back frequently from August 24th to September 12th, as I will be posting every time I can find internet access with a journal of experiences. I’ll even post more pictures (fully clothed).

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  1. Boo for prudish governing bodies!

    The only reason I ever started swimming was to appease my inner exhibitionist.

  2. personally I would rather see guys with their tops off!! I mean come on where is the sex appeal?

  3. I pretty much stopped throwing up about 30 mins after looking at your HyVee shots. As Mr. Fairchild told you ‘shirtless is soooo age group’. I’m grateful for the governing bodies to have some taste because most pro athletes do not. I also reject Christine’s proposal – if not quid pro quo, then no quo (I personally think we should all race in wetsuits from the swim to the run). What’s wrong with khaki shorts and a white polo (I type this wearing khaki shorts and a white polo). PS – Kedzierzyn Kozle ITU Triathlon Premium European Cup sounds like a new Starbucks blend. Good luck Huli. Did you tell Brian you sold him out for Bob? The Marin gang misses you. Hug your mom and mow your lawn.

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