Dénouement: In Soviet Polska, field harvests you!

I’m having internet issues, and can’t seem to upload anything. I even had to get Brian to post this, so if there are any grammatical errors it’s his fault.

[This is patently untrue. Anybody who believes such unsubstantiated rubbish should know better than to trust a curly-haired manchild with four names. — Brian]

I’ll add in some maps and photos when I get back to the states tomorrow night.
added. — Ben

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This is the 600km of driving we did on Monday after my race in Poland. We decided that we may never be back on Poland, so it was worth the extra driving time to check out Krakow.

I was thinking over the last 18 days of roaming Europe. My thoughts have been everything from absent, to anger, to joy (in its purest form), to calm, to nervous, to jittery, to exhaustion.. [sic] Right now I’m feeling a bit home sick. Mom, Dad, I know you’re going to be reading this soon, so please don’t take offense when I say that my main complaint about this trip is that, without speaking a lick of Deutsch or Polsky, my main social outlet has been my parents. Not to say that I have a lot of complaints, I don’t, I’m just ready for some familiar food, my own bed, and a little time with my friends. [You’ve got what, now? — Brian]

Today I’m back in the Spreewald area (south of Berlin). We stayed about 30km from where I went kayaking with my mom last week. It’s nice here.

This morning I went for a short bike and an even shorter run. I went down a bike path about a kilometer and found myself in the middle of a beautiful field with the morning sun just breaking through the thinning grey skies that have become so familiar the last two weeks. The fields were just sprouting winter wheat, and the yellow of the sun made the entire landscape glow almost neon. I sat on the ground and stretched, taking in the fresh country air, and feeling pretty content.

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See? Fields.

Initially I was pretty bummed about my race in Poland, but in retrospect, it was worth the experience. It’s a good accomplishment to start the run in the lead pack, especially without a perfect swim or bike leg. If I had placed so high with the run of my life it would be a lot more demoralizing. I mean, then I’d have to wonder how I was going to drop 5 minutes. Now at least I know I can take 3 off just by running as fast as I have before.

[You’ll still need to look sexier if you want some more sponsors. — Brian]

After the race I napped. Sunday night there was a concert that I wanted to check out, so I went back to the race sight [sic]. I wanted to know what a woman would sound like if she was described by the Polish as “similar to Led Zeppelin, U2, ACDC, The Cure, and other great bands.” It peaked [sic] my interest to find out how four entirely different bands are all similar [sic] to one Polish rock star.

Turns out she was probably most similar to “other great bands”, only without talent. I didn’t stay long.

Monday we left Kedzierzyn(say it fast without moving your lips)-Kozle (Kzla), and headed for Krokaw. We were told the city was beautiful, and the city center was small enough to see in a day. We did even better. We hired a golf cart to show it to us in one hour.

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this is where the golf cart took us.

The is the path we took around the market and through the “Jewish Town”. We decided to skip seeing Shindler’s factory. I’ve seen the movie; the factory itself wasn’t really interested.

From there we spent about 7 hours driving back to Germany, in which time I slept, listen [sic] to my parents argue like an old married couple, slept more, bought some useless stuff with the last of my Polsky money while we refueled the car, and listened to some KEXP podcasts that I downloaded before leaving K-K. I need a new book to read, anyone have suggestions?

[Anything by Kurt Vonnegut. — Brian]

My contemplative stretching was interrupted this morning by a bell. I turned expecting a bike, but instead I saw a trolley. I’m really not sure what a trolley was doing cruising along without passengers in the middle of a field, but it got me back on my feet quickly enough.

Tomorrow we fly home. I can’t wait to see my cat.

[Nice, but not great. I give it a 7. Hurry home to the land of cheap booze and loose women. — Brian]

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  1. Or a funny commentator who thinks American woman are apparently loose… I beg to differ.

    At least you had your parents to talk to, try running around Europe and only having the voice in your own head to talk to.

    Glad you can’t wait to see you cat!!!

  2. I never said American women were loose. I was specifically referring to Lake Forest Park’s ladies of the night, most of whom look forward to the inevitable financial windfall come Ben’s return.

  3. Ah the windfall. This is the same guy who didn’t have $5 for the ferry and had to ride home 20 miles? They must be pretty special. At best I think he’s got a Guru frame he can trade, some old brake pads and hopefully that speed racer jersey. Christine – focus on training, not reading blogs.

  4. I’m still waiting for somebody to get the title of this post. I’m too young to feel too old for an audience…

  5. I get it. I’ve just heard you make that joke so many times that it’s become epected. I actually would have been more taken off-guard if you hadn’t titled it with something to that effect.

    For the record, Lake Forest Park doesn’t have any women. Just old ladies. And even though my parents have moved to the burbs, I still consider myself a Seattle boy.

    Brian, does cheap booze mean you have beer in your fridge? Can you and Marijana [Brian’s wife] make me dinner? There’s no food here.

    Now I just need to upload those maps I promised…

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