I’m back in the US. I’ve taken a few days off from posting, mainly due to the fact that writing about a long flight is pretty boring, even to the author. I will say that I have never felt better after a flight, and it’s because my mother and I implemented a rule that we would spend 15 minutes of every 100 out of our seats, walking, stretching, using the head, etc. I did the CU swimming weight room warm up 4 times, plus some yoga, and a high kicking contest.

I felt great after the flight, but have since felt the starting symptoms of sickness (sore throat, heavy chest and coughing…), so I’m taking it real easy for a couple days. Tomorrow (Saturday) I’m going to start building into my next training block that will go right through Tinley’s (two weeks) and the Dallas Open (4 weeks) to get me ready for the San Francisco Continental Cup a.k.a Treasure Island (November 11th).

I’m excited to focus primarily on my running, with a secondary push to swim faster. After Poland I’ve decided to train my front end swimming speed a bit more, so I don’t have to work my way to the front of the pack.

Tomorrow I’m going to make a surprise visit to Issaquah where I can swim with my old team, then I’ll join the First Rate Mortgage cycling team for their “meet the team” ride. It should be a blast.

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