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This month I was featured in the “My Favorite Workout” column of Inside Triathlon. I wrote the workout, but Melaina Junti (Staff Reporter) wrote the introduction. I knew she was a cool girl when I received my first email with the subject “love mail” (Ok, so maybe I force you to use that subject on my contact page), and she referred to me as “Dude.” I didn’t realize how cool until I opened the magazine she sent me and saw what she wrote:

With an engineering degree from Columbia University, aspirations of med school and a multi-megawatt smile, Ben Collins is quite the catch. Add the 2007 USA Triathlon age-group national championship overall title to his pedigree and it’s a wonder the 24-year-old isn’t swarmed by women – yet.

I need to update the “about” page on my website, can I just use this intro? Oh, and Melaina, do you have any plans Friday night? Dude?

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  1. Christine, are you calling my wife a hussy?!

    I will not tolerate such a libelous affront to a lady’s honor. Apologize immediately or feel my wrath.

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