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Thanksgiving07 004

Aside from teaching chem lab partner how to do overhead squats, I haven’t done anything interesting this week, so I’m posting pictures from last weekend and narrating them like a slide show.  Don’t worry, my muse will return.

This picture is crap. My buddy Noah visited for Thanksgiving, and I got to see him for the first time in over a year and a half. He’s been living in Denver working for the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) making viable ethanol. He proves to me that chemistry is more than just making drugs like the fabulous chemistry department staff at University of Washington has implied.

I met up with Noah on Friday. We hiked all around Seattle’s Discovery Park. It’s been years since I’ve been there and I’m not sure why. The picture (left) doesn’t show how happy I am to see Noah, or how nice a day it was, but I was and it was.

Thanksgiving07 009

Alright, Here’s one of Noah, Me, Matthew (Bro-n-law), and Susan (sister) at the Sonic’s game Friday night.  They haven’t yet won a home game this season (and watching them play it’s pretty obvious why), but at one point in the fourth quarter they were within two!  Next year the Seattle Supersonics will be the Oklahoma City Supersonics.  Happy Birthday Oklahoma.

Thanksgiving07 035 And this is where I went for the weekend. It would be a sweet place for a cheap training trip. In the spring, but right  now the lake may be a little too cold for me.


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  1. The Sonics are actually really good this year. They’ve got incredible talent, but they just lack a dominant leader, now that Allen has left. And with the Lewis trade, they lack any real clutch shooters (outside of Durant’s potential). Once somebody steps into the point guard position with confidence, they’ll be an unstoppable force.

    And if Oklahoma gets them, I’ll declare jihad on the Sonics ownership.

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