Fast times in Honolulu

image Today’s my sixth day in Hawaii. I’ve had a chance to see a bunch of friends, but since I’m staying in Kailua on the windward (east) side of the Island (Oahu) without a car, it’s been tough to really get out and have fun with other people. I also haven’t had a chance to see my two cousins or my aunt and uncle who live on the North Shore, but I get to see them for Christmas, which will be radical.

I’m using my last couple weeks of off-season to focus on weight loss and detoxification. So far I’ve discovered that my body is just not very toxic, but not eating makes you pretty weak. The first four days got worse and worse as my body got used to being hungry, and then I started feeling mentally normal, but physically weak.  I can see why many people have told me not to try losing weight during the season, there is no way I could train at a beneficial level right now. In fact, this morning I ran for 10 minutes.  This is partly because my ankle is still recovering and I don’t want to push it too much, but also because I’m just not full of energy as my body eats itself.

The idea of losing weight so rapidly is to lose most my existing muscle mass that I developed over years of training in the pool.  As I’m regaining muscle this season it should come back to the areas that are being used more, thus I’ll have sped up the process of changing from thimagee swimmers body to the triathlete’s body.  It’s a tough thing, since when I got into the sport I was convinced that triathletes were all a bunch of skinny weak dudes, who didn’t know how to swim. I actually feel a bit like a traitor to the swimming world by losing my butterflyers chest and lats.  Plus, I still think swimmers have better bodies (the men at at least). Ok, enough about that, I don’t want people to think I have an eating disorder. I don’t, I love eating, this is very challenging for me to restrict my diet.

image I just got a package from my Dad that was an early Christmas gift! It’s a digital camera! The Olympus Stylus 790sw.  The battery is charging, and as soon as it finishes I’m going to go shoot some pictures of this house, the beach, my friends, the sunburn that I don’t have thanks to Hawaiian Island Creations Sunscreen. Once my new cameras working, I’ll be able to use pictures that don’t come off a google images search.

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  1. glad to hear your restructuring is going well, and that you don’t have many toxins, although I’m surprised you haven’t seen anything from our glory burrito eating days, along with all the other crap we ate back at GHS. its cold here right now, and I need to plan an escape for this weekend. jump in the ocean for me.

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