It’s been a challenge to find internet access, and to be honest, spending time on my computer

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has been low on my priorities.  I am staying with my Coach, Dr. Mike in Kailua, which is on the windward side (rainy side, East side) of Oahu.  It is beautiful here, and I couldn’t ask for a better location to aid in my focus.

The house to the right is where I’m staying.  It’s amazing.  There is no furniture besides a futon that I’m sleeping on, two couches, and Mike’s bed.  All this in a gigantic house, with hard wood floors that cause our voices to echo through the halls of time.

Tonight I’m heading to a party with my friend Adam, who has been in Shanghai since the last time we saw each other in March.  I’ll try to write more, and even post some pictures once I find a camera.

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  1. Tell Adam that I said “HI”. Tell Mike too. It is so cold in Europe right now. But not as cold as China was. Enjoy it for me. I put last years Xmas video on You Tube…

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