Final (just one)

I got my first gift of the season today.  It’s a picture CD from the World Championships.   

ASI_Hamburg_RacePics 002

It’s funny, these pictures make it look quite a bit harder than I remember.

ASI_Hamburg_RacePics 009

Speaking of walks in the park, (and poor transitions). I took my Organic Chemsitry final today. I killed it. I actually have no idea how I did, and I’m usually wrong when I try to predict, but I feel really good about it, which is a great note to leave Seattle on.  Next stop Honolulu. I’m really excited to test out my new sunscreen from Hawaiian Island Creations. ASI_Hamburg_RacePics 010

I have a nasty habit of making a total mess of my bedroom, while constantly telling myself that as soon as I’m done with my [quarter, race, project at work, etc.] I’ll clean it up.  It’s just that for the past six months I’ve planned travel for immediately after I finish my exams.  Today I found a stack of graded quizzes from a class I took in January.  There’s nothing like going through a pile of paper to remember the year by. It brings back memories like: "Oh look, the receipt for the pants I wanted to take back!" or "Hey there’s that Bio quiz I bombed after Hy-Vee!"  Oh the times I’ve had…

I’m not sure what to take with me to Hawaii, but for sure it will not include goose down or wool socks. Hurray for that!

Oh yeah, Loren has to move in February, which is sad because I really like his house.  From the sound of it though, he’s getting a much sweeter deal, and if I happen to visit on the same weekend as Greta’s mom, sister, best friend or 8th cousin thrice removed, there may be enough spare bedrooms that I’ll have to beg to stay with Piper.

Check out Jillian Petersen‘s web site as well. She just started blogging, but her first post is all about the nightmare of a World Cup in Israel. I’m never taking a bike there.

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  1. I’ve been to Israel. Although I’m Jew-light (Dad is Jewish, Mom isn’t), I didn’t answer the security questions properly (wasn’t sure what the most recent Jewish holiday was) so they escorted me to a back room where I hung out with a blonde couple and a Indian family while they went through every item in our luggage. It was actually pretty sweet, because when it was time to board we got a special escort right through all the security lines at the airport and directly to the gate.

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