Tortured kitty, Bananas and Physio Testing

Dec07 001 Look at this picture.  Click on it to see it better.  My sister is 27 and still torturing animals (that’s his tail she’s grabbing.).  Troy is the first pet I’ve ever had that had a tail (Manx – born without, Spaniel – docked, gerbils – pulled off), which is still a novelty to most of my family.  Poor cat.

Today was my last day of class for the quarter. I have an exam on Monday, then I leave for Honolulu, where I’m going to be for the next four weeks! I’m really excited. I’ll stay with my coach in Kailua, right on the beach. I can’t believe a year ago I lived there full time. I really miss it.

I’m trying out a new sunscreen by Hawaiian Island Creations.  I met with the scientist that’s developing the lotion. He and two other guys started a company called Outside Labs, and they’re making some really cool stuff.  All their products are marketed toward active lifestyles.  The sunscreen is designed to protect a surfer in the sun on the water, all-day long, without running.  It’s also supposed to allow you to sweat and feel like you have nothing on your skin at all.  That sounds ideal to somebody as light colored as me.

Dec07 003This is what happens In Seattle when I make Banana bread. It gets demolished.

I visited a place today called Herriot Sports Performance. I’m not sure why it took me so long to discover this place.  It’s awesome.  I’ll write about it more later. right now I’m gonna watch a movie with my mom. Then go to bed so I can go ride with Brian in the morning.

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