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2007_Winter_Break 188 I’m still a few days behind in posting, but I don’t like to put everything up at once, so I’ll keep staggering the posts a day apart. That way you have to stay tuned (or subscribe with the little orange rss link above).

Monday night was Christmas Eve, and I celebrated with Adam by feasting on Sushi and Salad, then heading to a fancy restaurant, Roy’s, nearby.  I was well on my way to reminding myself why I don’t normally partake in alcohol consumption when the bar tender (who had been very generous to us) says, “That guy looks just like David Hasselhoff”. A moment later a big guy in a gray suit was heading upstairs with a small group of friends.  David is looking much better than in his now famous Youtube video, which is that basis for his very public fight with alcoholism.

Adam threw down some money and suggested we head upstairs. I’ve said that Adam is socially adventurous, but the firewater must have had an added affect Monday night.  Soon after sitting down with a chatty bartender upstairs Adam disappeared mumbling something about air or the bathroom or something.  I talked to the bartender for what seemed like a long time before Adam returned and carted me off to the parking lot where Uncle Bob was waiting to take us home.  It wasn’t until breakfast that I found out what had happened.

Adam went to David Hasselhoff and offered the man a drink. He declined (obviously), but his associate accepted, and Adam ended the night with some digits and the ability to say he introduced himself to David Hasselhoff and made a total ass of himself. I on the other hand finished the night having taken no such risks, and still made an ass of myself, literally spilling the beans to Bob.

We finished breakfast and met up with Chet the Jet for a longer ride. It took about an hour before I started feeling normal, and I never really felt strong. A former coworker of mine at Hawaii Bike League, Chris, was out riding.  He was killing me on the hills, which killed my ego.  The highlight of the Christmas ride, however, was my near death experience. (Ok, that’s a little melodramatic, but it was scary):  We were riding up Olomana Rd near Kailua, it had just started raining, and the roads were real slick.  I crossed the yellow line around a fast descending turn and my rear wheel slipped out.  There was a  moment when the ground was close enough to touch, and my bike was perpendicular to the direction of travel. Adam saw this and yelled “BEN!”  He apparently wanted the last thing I heard on earth to be my name, but it had a different effect. I lifted my head up like a curious chipmunk, and with one foot already unclipped managed to lift my bike back up and regain control. It was by far my most glamorous save ever.  The adrenaline cut right through my mental fog. I stopped and kissed the ground, emptied what was left in my bladder after such a scare, then hopped back on my bike to catch back up to Chet.  After that we took it easy as the rain continued to make for a wet (but warm) ride.  I’m also definitely exchanging my Michelin tires for Continentals ASAP, as they handle the wet conditions far better.

By the time I got home I had lost motivation for a brick run, and since it’s the off-season still, if I don’t feel like doing it, I don’t.  Instead I headed to the North Shore to spend Christmas with my Uncle’s family.  Uncle Carl was in a bad mood, having gotten nothing of interest under the tree, but I on the other hand got two really cool presents.

2007_Winter_Break 1891) A new Airsoft Gun (top), which prompted me to start shooting my 13 and 11 year old cousins for about an hour.

2) this fancy new shirt, which is cool because I had been looking for something similar, but it’s good when other people pick out my clothing.

After that we went to a family friend’s house for Christmas dinner. Turkey dinner as great, and I was even convinced to have some ice cream and a piece of homemade cake that Boomer’s friend Shelby made from scratch. It was delicious.2007_Winter_Break 191

By the time the day was finished I was so tired I didn’t care that mosquitoes were eating my face as I curled up under the covers. There may not have been snow, but it was a wonderful Christmas.

2007_Winter_Break 193

This may have been the happiest part of the day for Uncle Carl: Sitting with the three pups, Nikki, Scooter and Skittles.

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