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2007_Winter_Break 174 Sunday I Coach Mike left for Switzerland to visit his ex-wife and three kids. He was running around frantically trying to find Pegasus Barbie. With Mike gone, I’m now staying with the Havrilak’s.  Adam is a friend of mine that I got to know toward the end of my time in Honolulu and who I got along with immediately because of his work ethic, outgoing social style, and willingness to try out just about any crazy idea.  Bob is Adam’s father, who moved here recently from Minnesota and is among the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of mooching off of during my travels.

2007_Winter_Break 1512007_Winter_Break 149







2007_Winter_Break 158 Bob is thinking of buying a boat to moor at his waterfront condo in Hawaii Kai (just east of Honolulu), so we got to take it out for a test ride. It was my first time in a boat in Hawaii, which is surprising since I spend so much time boating in Seattle.




2007_Winter_Break 175 Adam and I went to Hanama Bay for a swim, which was the first time I got to test out the underwater abilities of my new camera.  The water was a bit murky, but the camera worked great.

We were nearly swept out to sea by the current, but luckily we know how to swim good.

Oh yeah, and still no sunburn, thanks to the Hawaiian Island Creations 2x Sunblock!


2007_Winter_Break 180

The food has been great too. Check out the salad I made to go with our second night of Sushi. It was great! Bob took us to the store and we stockpiled the refrigerator. We have fresh produce, and tons of good food for the next few weeks. I’m stoked.

Next post I’ll talk about how Adam and I made fools of ourselves on Christmas Eve, and how David Hasselhoff fits into that story. Unfortunately (or possibly for the better) I forgot my camera for that excursion.

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  1. Wow, I have so much to say. Tell Adam, “Hawaii is better than China.” I just saw the coolest David Hasselhoff video, “Jump in my car”. Google it if you haven’t already. I am leaving Germany tomorrow. But they will still buy his CDs here. And one last thing, Adam would be great in our Christmas movies…next year, next year.

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