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2007_Winter_Break 112I’m no longer sick. My infection is gone. My ankle is back to normal.  Everything is looking up.  Saturday I went with Coach Mike and Marion Summerer to take more photos for a coaching ad Mike is going to do.  The first round turned out nothing worth seeing.  The pictures I saw made Mike look grumpy, and Marion look mean. I just look uninterested. I’m sort of a smiley guy, and when they tell me to look serious or mean it just doesn’t work. I couldn’t intimidate a two year old.  Regardless of whether Mike got the picture he wanted, it was a cool sunset to watch. Not as colorful as they can be, but the full moon was rising at the same time the sun was setting, which made for a cool scene. 2007_Winter_Break 124We had the view of the moon over Hanama Bay to one side and the view of Diamond Head with the sunset to the other.2007_Winter_Break 127




After the photoshoot we hit up the Kona Brewing Company for dinner. It was pizza and beer, which doesn’t go well with my plan to eat only non-processed foods. Both were delicious.

2007_Winter_Break 132

This is a Pirate ship we saw while Mike and Kurt pounded down more beers at the Havrilak residence. With the moon continuing to rise, I decided to join up with my friend Trish and some of her possie from MIT to do a night hike up Makapu, which is on the southwest tip of Oahu.  There’s a lighthouse and the trail to it is paved, so it’s an easy hike to do without much light.



2007_Winter_Break 141 The view from the top was spectacular. The moon was so bright you could see for miles and everything in the ocean just glowed.  This picture is of Rabbit Island, which some people think looks like a rabbit. It’s no bugs bunny.

I had an interesting discussion on the way down about how Hawaii is being overdeveloped. It seems there is very little green space being saved on the island, as most of what is left is old agricultural land, and will eventually be rezoned for more homes.  It makes me glad I can enjoy it while it’s here.

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