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2007_Winter_Break 071 I Spent the last couple days hanging out with my friends Matt and Trish, who I share my bad sense of humor, fashion sense (lack of), and heightened involvement with our inner child (immaturity). It has been great fun.

We went to the North Shore yesterday.  After a 40 minute run, and a two hour lay on the beach with intermittent swimming (still not sunburned thanks to HIC 2x sun block), we headed to Haleiwa for a late lunch.


2007_Winter_Break 069We ate at Cholo’s, where they slaughter the chickens right on the floor of the restaurant.

(My new Olympus 790SW takes 1.5 seconds to power on and take a picture, which has let me capture a few of these "Kodak moments")




2007_Winter_Break 072 Next up, shaved ice at Matsumoto’s Grocery (this guy built his fortune on selling ice with syrup to  millions of future diabetics).

I got sugar free banana and strawbery with ice cream and azuzi beans (black beans cooked in sugar water).  Matt got the classic Rainbow, and trish got something weird.



2007_Winter_Break 076

2007_Winter_Break 087"Ben you look ridiculous with that curly hair"                    -4yo Sada Pokorny

This is the view from the Pu’u O Mahuka Heiau above Waimea Bay where we went swimming.

2007_Winter_Break 096

These are my cousins, Katie and Boomer.

Matt’s sitting on the right getting ready to be ambushed in a airsoft gun fight.

2007_Winter_Break 103

We had four of these Ahi steaks. You just can’t buy this much good fish on the mainland. I love it.


I finished this post days ago, but didn’t have internet at all, so I’ll probably post more new stuff tonight.  It’s been a great weekend, so check back for David Hasselhof,boat rides, night hikes, and more shooting.

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