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This is the forecast for the five days I’ll be in Brazil. I have mixed feelings about rain, but the rain LOVES me. The race is on Sunday. Most of the forecasts I’ve looked at have said T-Storms, which would be bad news, but this one from MSN just says rain. I can live with that.


Jan 24
PM RainPM Rain

Hi: 77° Lo: 71°

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Drizzle. High 77F and low 71F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.


Jan 25

Hi: 74° Lo: 70°

Cloudy with showers. High 74F and low 70F.


Jan 26

Hi: 73° Lo: 71°

Rain. High 73F and low 71F.


Jan 27

Hi: 75° Lo: 71°

Rain. High 75F and low 71F.


Jan 28

Hi: 76° Lo: 72°

Mostly cloudy with showers. High 76F and low 72F.

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  1. Ben, 75 and raining is beautiful compared to Seattle. I’d probably even take it. We’ve got rain on the schedule for the next 10 days! It’s because I mocked you on my blog with the weather. Maybe you’ll come spend more time with us in Tiburon instead of wasting your time in a speedo with topless women.

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