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Brian Davis and I rode with the First Rate Mortgage cycling team this morning.  Brian has been in Croatia with his wife for a few weeks, and was able to smuggle about 15 pounds of his mother-in-law’s food back into the country by storing it as love handles, back fat, and a recently rounded abdomen.  Needless to say, today’s ride was harder on him than on me.  Even still, I’m going to write a short complaint 2008_Jan 015about the cold weather and how my butt would not forgive me for getting out of bed this morning.

I stayed at Brian’s last night after forcing him and Marijana to cook food that they normally wouldn’t eat for the sake of my picky eating.  We played Monopoly. I love the game, but most people have the same complaint, "That game takes too long." It’s true, and about three hours after it was clear that Marijana was going to win, she finally bankrupted both Brian and myself, and left us to bake banana bread in our misery. Still, I’m just glad we got to play.

This morning we woke up, ate some of the banana bread, then headed off to the group ride. It  was pretty clear by the time we reached the meeting place (6 miles down the trail) that my butt was not going to be happy, and I was already having to listen to Brian complain that his extra weight was causing his seat to hurt in ways in never had. It may have been the 30 degree weather, or it may have been the wet roads, but my guess is our butts were hurting from the butt kicking we both suffered in Monopoly.

Check out the ride stats. It was probably the slowest, shortest ride I’ve ever felt so worn out on. I capped it off with a five mile run with some tempo. This afternoon napped hard, then swam before dinner.

All-in-all, a great training day that makes me feel like I really deserve my day off tomorrow.

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  1. I’m actually quite sad at how absent Dr. Davis has been on your blog. No jealous rants and not a quip, barb or even a good joke from the kid. Where are you (other than sitting on the floor)?

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