Hapuna Beach Park

2007_Winter_Break 301 What a day! Tough run then an even harder swim this morning, followed by a nice nap at Hapuna Beach State Park here on the Big Island of Hawaii. The past few times I’ve been to Hapuna Beach there have been very few people, but today was as crowded as Waikiki in the rain (very)!

I got to use the underwater feature of my camera (Olympus Stylus 790sw) again. Check out the video below.

For the afternoon workout I was going to run an hour then swim an hour, but my 60 minute run  turned into 75 and I stopped a couple times to stretch my aching legs.  It’s been a hard couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to a day off on Wednesday (my first day of school).

2007_Winter_Break 315Tuesday: I just did about 4000 yards with the Columbia Men’s Swim Team.  I made the send-offs! Now it’s time to pack up my stuff and head back to Oahu.  Aloha!!


[Left: an octopus on a fishing line being towed by a free diver about 500meters out from shore]

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