Should I Stay or Should I Go?

image After learning the drum part of this song, I find myself actually asking the question. I don’t play drums, but Loren just got this great video game called Rock Band. It comes with a fake guitar and fake drums, and is pretty much Dance Dance Revolution for people that don’t actually want to stand up (most Americans, though I attribute it to the fact that my legs need the recovery). Loren picked up the guitar immediately, but it’s really just buttons instead of frets and a toggle instead of a pick with no strings attached. It’s not exactly going to teach you to play the guitar. The drums on the other hand are rockin’. You have a base drum pedal and a four drum setup along with wood drum sticks. I cannot claim that playing this game will teach you to play the drums, but the coordination is the same.

That was a tangent. Every time I visit the bay area I really enjoy myself and it’s hard to keep from extending my trip indefinitely. I love Northern California. I also tend to leave here in much better fitness than I came with. In ten days and the help of my friend Bob Placak I was able to bring my swimming back up to a competitive level (I’m swimming really fast), I put in some quality miles on the bike, and, although I’m still building base, my run is as fast and effortless as it ever has been. I can’t believe it’s only February, and I’m still just getting back into regular training.

Regardless, I’m headed back to Seattle so I don’t overstay my welcome in Tiburon, and so I can go to class and study for the MCATs in April. Ah yes, the great Northwest. If it rains at any of my races this year, I will be well prepared.

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  1. The band is nothing without you Ben – I’m not even sure when I’ll have the heart to play again. We really need Huggy Bear on the mic – I know he loves KISS and will do well.

    I also heart Lieto was impressed with your riding – you’re way faster than last time you were here. Come back soon – I’m sure I’ll have screwed up my swim somehow. There’s always an extra seat on the way down to Oceanside. Think of it as a road trip with electrolites and probably no strippers, just carbon wheelsets.

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