I’m sitting in my room watching last night’s episode of Lost with my legs up. This is the best part of morning workouts. What makes today particularly nice is that I am sipping on Clif Shot Recovery Hot Chocolate. It’s awesome for cold weather training. I get to rehydrate with hot cocoa!

image Yesterday I went to the Institute of New Medicine to develop a full body recovery plan. We started with a thorough health history, and then had acupuncture for the first time. In total I spent about three hours for my first visit. Now William and Peter (Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) will do some metabolic tests to figure out which nutrients I need, and will look at my food journal to help me decide which foods I should be eating to promote quick recovery and optimal performance. Chris Lieto and Peter Reid are both clients, and when I told Chris I was going he said, "They are the best in the Biz". He travels to Seattle a couple times a year to visit them, which makes me feel lucky to be so close.

Acupuncture is awesome. I laid on my back while being prodded with needles, then I relaxed for 20 minutes before having the needles removed. By the time I left I was in a complete daze from the experience, which lasted all through my MCAT prep course last night. It was like a massage of my inner Chi.

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  1. It has: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup Solids, Whey Protein Isolate (Contains Soy Lecithin), Natural Flavors, L-Glutamine, Salt, Dicalcium Phosphate, Arginine, Dipotassium Phosphate, Magnesium Oxide, Ascorbic Acid (Vit. C), Valine, Isoleucine, Guar/Xanthan Gum, Green Tea Extract (Decaffeinated), D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate (Vit. E), Beta Carotene (Vit. A), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vit. B6).

    Don’t know if you’re allergic to any of that.

  2. Sorry. There are different kinds of milk allergies. I was not going to assume that you were allergic to Whey protein isolate just because you are allergic to milk. There are plenty of Soy protein drinks out there, and of course anything that says vegan on it, but then I guess you could get into your wheat allergies… I can see how you would have trouble finding food!

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