Beat Up and Loving It!

It’s been a tough week of training. I ran more miles at higher intensity than I ever have, I continued my streak of high volume swim training, and I still managed to spend half my training hours on the bike. I have been looking forward to taking tomorrow off since last Tuesday.

I am sore and tired, but I’m still training well. While riding yesterday I kept watching my heart rate monitor hoping that my heart rate would be abnormally high, which would indicate that I was not fully recovered. Unfortunately all it told me is that I needed to suck it up and train hard. It was almost enough to make me feel sorry for myself, but then I saw a note from Aaron Scheidies. it said:

Aaron: hey bud

Just so you know that I am blind…

I hit a parked car on my bike yesterday

image You see, no matter how tired we may be, at least we’re not losing teeth on the trunk of an invisible parked car. (Aaron says he ok, but the car is in the shop for repairs. I would remind him that riding solo is pretty dangerous for a blind kid, but it falls on deft ears).

Just one more 90 minute run, a short bike ride, and then it’s epson salt bath and Trigger Point Massage ball time! It feels good to be healthy, and it’s awesome that my body can handle all the added training time.

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