image I’m in Las Vegas right now for the World Shoe Association trade show. I’m staying with Matt Lieto, and getting a chance to meet the crew at K-Swiss. I was hoping me and Matt would get a chance to ride up to the red rock national park, but it turns out I’m the only one that brought a bike. Does that make me an over-packer, an optimist for thinking I would have a chance for long rides, or is Matt just smart for having checked the Venetian’s website to see that they have spin classes?

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  1. LBL– Take the ride to Red Rocks if you have time. It’s long to get there and 13 miles through the park loop once you get there, but it’s pretty cool. You can imagine me climbing in heavy there!

  2. I’m having to turn to other professionals who blog about cookies, cats and swim yardage simply because you write a post about 3 weeks ago about going to Vegas and then nothing. For all I know, you lost your swim gear and are still trying to get out of the left lane on the strip and you’re stuck going around and around. Either that or you’re just trying to collect as many ‘flyers’ from those nice fellas on every corner and you simply having got any doubles yet.

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