My detour home

I left my computer in somebody’s car yesterday, and the post I had written about the World Shoe Association trade show is saved on it. My post formatting and image adding software is also in that car, so in the interest of not leaving everyone in the dark I’m going to settle for picture free unformatted posting.

I’m in Westlake Village, California. I was originally going back to Seattle from Vegas, but decided to join Erik from K-Swiss for the weekend. Monday I get to go to the K-Swiss headquarters, take a tour, and get a lesson on how shoes are made. I’m pretty stoked about the new K-Swiss performance line after seeing a sneak peak of the new shoes and clothing that will be hitting specialty running shops in a couple of months.

Today we’re riding up to see the tour of California come by. I’ll take some pictures, and hopefully later today I’ll have my own computer back so I can post them.

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