The three C’s

Coat, Computer and Camera.

That’s what I forgot in the back seat of Ivette’s car when she picked Erik and I up from the airport yesterday. The computer made it hard to publish the post I wrote about Vegas, and the camera would have been nice to have today as I watched the Tour of California come charging up an 18 percent grade hill as if they could care less that a 500 foot clif was in their way.

Without being able to download the route from my Garmin 305, I really can’t tell you where we went, but it was an awesome ride with very few stoplights, wide roads, and very little traffic. Oh, and it was also 65 degrees in February (a cold day in SoCal). We rode out from Erik’s house, where I’m staying, which was about 30 miles to Balcom Canyon where we joined a thousand other spectators in waiting for an hour to see the pelaton come through. It was worth the wait, but by the time we climbed back on our bikes to head home I was freezing.

And that is how the missing coat ties in.


imageHere’s the map and elevation and a pic of Catya, Erik, me and Phil:

2008_WSA 019









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  1. Only 65? Freezing at night?

    That’s too bad. It was a balmy 60 today at its peak, and it’s at least 55 now. My grapevines have buds and all the UW girls are walking around in short shorts.

    Al Gore never told me it would be this sweet…

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