Do anything fun this weekend?

Aside from a really cool talk on sports nutrition by Peter from Institute of New Medicine, held at Herriott Sports Performance, I didn’t, so I’m going to link to other people who did.

I took Greg’s recommendation and watched King of the Grizzlies, a 1970 Disney movie that is sure to put a smile on your face (when it finally ends). Actually, I think having a boyfriend that subjects her to 93 minutes of this monotony is probably why Courtney hates everything. Meanwhile, Greg wrote a follow-up blog post to Henning’s, which is worth reading if Henning peaked your interest in why some people quit after college.

imageChris Tremonte has had some Gems on his blog lately, included his review of the Continental Cup in Nevis, and most recently a "How To Race Like  Chucklehead", in which he describes race tactics that will ensure you never upgrade from cat 4.

Meanwhile, Loren has aspired to mirror Greg’s blog by writing another follow-up to Henning’s post, while simultaneously trying to convince me to watch more crappy Disney movies like Monkeys Go Home and Incredible Mr. Limpet. (I actually kind of like Monkeys go home, but that dang theme song has been stuck in my head since last July)

Today’s the last day of a rest week, and I’m getting really ansy. Tomorrow I’m going to rock some hills so hard they tumble.

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  1. I can’t believe you actually watched it!!!

    When asked to identify my favourite part of “King of the Grizzlies”, I answered “the end”.

    Greg didn’t exactly laugh. Ah well. I am going to put a bunch of fashion movies and shows on our Netflix, and maybe “The Black Stallion” and “The Black Stallion Returns”, just for good measure, although neither are disney.

  2. ah, so not a fan of “King of the Grizzlies”? oh well, thanks for trying it out. watching it again almost 20 years later it didn’t seem quite as good, but nostalgia is a powerful thing.

    poor courtenay. even my parents think she’s a saint for putting up with me.

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