Great White vs Bald Eagle

My thoughts go out to Dave Martin’s family and friends. Martin died this morning when attacked by a great white shark. He was 66. I am now petrified of going to San Diego for training.

I had mixed feelings about heading home yesterday. On the one hand, I wanted to get back into my schedule and be around my friends, on the other hand, It’s really cold in Seattle, and I know training in 40 degree weather is not going to prepare me for hot weather racing in the future. (I’m going to put a space heater next to my indoor trainer.)

Brian Davis went back to the shoulder doc after 6 weeks to discover that his clavicle had not healed at all, so Wednesday he had shoulder surgery, where they reconnected the two sides of the bone with a metal plate. The doctor at University of Washington Orthopedics was kind enough to send him pictures and videos from his surgery, which he passed along to me. I think seeing the doctor pull apart his flabby shoulder and wiggle the broken clavicle around is really cool, but I’ll refrain from posting the video. Talking about my ripped open heal is enough for gore for my weaker stomached readers.

I got home at 11:30 last night, went straight to bed then jumped right back into things with 5am swimming before Todd Herriott’s Friday strength and conditioning class. The class is awesome. One of the highlights of my week in fact, it put me in a good mood that lasted right through a three hour nap.

2008-4-19_Mazatlan_Pan-Am_Champs 118 After a nap I awoke to see an immature Bald Eagle outside my window (the brown head is because he’s a young little guy). He was just sitting on my neighbors roof, staring out. I took this picture into the lens of my mom’s monocular, so please forgive the quality.

I guess if Seattle is good enough for the bald eagles then maybe I should stop complaining about weather and just enjoy the Emerald City.

One thing is certain: bald eagles aren’t going to attack me in my open water swims. Bald Eagle 1, Great White 0.

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