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2008-4-19_Mazatlan_Pan-Am_Champs 092 I haven’t done much this week. Mostly relaxing. Until yesterday afternoon I pretty much felt like an airplane crash. The few beach runs I did were nice, but I’m actually looking forward to running on a flat non-sand surface when I get home. See, by the time I got back to transition on Saturday it was all cleaned up. My racing flats as well as my training shoes were gone, so my only option for running this week has been barefoot on the beach. This morning on my barefoot run I had to dodge Moray Eals that had been stranded by the tide all over the sand. They were still alive, just waiting for the tide to come back in.

I’m pretty bored the last couple of days, but definitely not looking forward to the cold weather back in the Pacific Northwest. Now that i feel good, I’m craving a hard long ride. Maybe I’ll hit up a cycling race this weekend. Heat stroke won’t be an issue…

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  1. Hi ben.. is good to know that you’re getting better so fast…. Maybe you don’t event remember me .. im form mazatlan im the girl who was with you at the hospital … I was seen some pictures from the triathlon then I wass wondering how was you .. then I remember that you dad gave me you website.. and as farr as a see youre so well is good to know… well I must go .. please take care .. and say hello to youre mom and dad for me please..

    Yajaira segovia

  2. I think I need to take a lesson from you in brevity. 😉 Of course, if I posted a little more often I might not have so much to say, either.

    That’s lame – they just got rid of your stuff out of transition?! No getting your shoes back?!

    I can assure you it’s far worse to be freezing (and I’m not even up in the PacNorthwest…just the PacWest but it’s still been CRAZY cold, esp for April) than running on beaches in Mexico and being slightly bored.

    Enjoy it while you can. 😉

  3. If you were tough you would have strapped a pair of eels on, ran with them for 10-12 miles and then threw em in the ocean. Instead you’re running around barefoot, running yourself over with a shopping cart, bleeding, passing out and getting beat up in night clubs. I’d hate to see what would happen if your parents WEREN’T THERE!

    WANTED: Chaperone for athlete, must be willing to travel and leap over tall piles of t-shirts and 1 pair of jeans (which need washing). Occasional hair cutting expereince is required as well as ability to carry gallons of plain yogurt long distances. Must have first aid experience and kung-fu is handy.

    SKILLS: tubular tire gluing, bike break down and build, tire pumping and pasta making.

  4. I wondered what happened to you. I´ve been incommunicado since the day after the event and I didn´t know until I read your account this morning.

    I was busy trying to shake-off my own shock and awe from that surf when you started the swim and I left immediately after my finish. Then, I heard from the people at the bike shop that you had been carried to the hospital. Seems as though you were some sort of local Mazatlan phenom with a dramatic Julie Moss style finish.

    Anyhow, it is good to hear your ok and best of luck in the future.

  5. Nobody will give me back my stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s gone forever. If i knew who took it, I would ask for it, but when they clean up the race sight whatever is left there is up for grabs. In the end, at least I’m alive and able to race another day.

    What’s gone is: 2 pair K-Swiss ultra natural run, 1 Blue Seventy number belt (not sure why I left this in there when it wasn’t needed for the race), 1 very large ego.


    Yajaira, of course I remember you!! Thank you so much for your help in translating for the doctors, and for staying at the hospital to make sure I was alright. I will remember your kindness.

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