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image There’s a reason my race calander says "tentative" when I send it to people. Yesterday I added another race to it, the Seoul Asia Cup in South Korea (I added the country for those who failed 6th grade geography). Actually, South Korea is technically ‘The Republic of Korea’.

A good friend of mine from high school (who I’ve rarely seen since) is now living in Mokpo, just south of Seoul, and he kee

ps a blog of his adventures. I’m reading it to help prepare for my short trip. I’m not sure what Korean food will do to me before a race, but my guess is that eating Korean BBQ beforehand in Seattle will not help me. At least the hip hop scene has lyrics easier to understand than Sean Paul ("Can’t tan pon it long…..naw eat no yam…no steam fish….nor no green banana" – I have no clue what that means).

I added the race because the Calgary Continental Cup in June was canceled (don’t know why), and I wanted to do another draft legal race before the summer season gets rolling and I’m knee deep in biweekly racing. I chose Seoul because of a sweet travel assistance package offered by the race director. Coming from Seattle, the tickets were within the travel compensation offered, so I lucked out on a (nearly) free trip to race in Asia.

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  1. SWEET!!! That is so awesome! Can’t wait to hear about THAT adventure. But no more cutting up your feet or passing out in the middle of a race, okay? Or for that matter, please don’t mess with any Korean nightclub bouncers.

    That’s funny about Sean Paul…I wondered if I was the only person who had issues understanding what he had to say.

    So when is the race???

  2. SSHHHHHH!!!! Courtney! I’m hoping everyone else shows up on those days, then I get the whole prayer meeting to myself! Who’s prayers will be answered on race day then? Not the people who show up a week early, that’s for sure.

  3. your schedule confuses me. for example, this year la and pacific grove are on consecutive weekends not consecutive days. for another example, tinley’s is the 4th of october or something. so if you go to those races the day that you say you are going, you’re going to be racing alone.
    side bonus of being wrong, though, is you’ll get to skip the pre-race prayer meetings.

  4. Ben prays for me to learn how to swim. He apparently isn’t praying hard enough. Also pray for my waistline and for my tri-suit to hold up a few more weeks of swimming in it at the pool. It’s got more holes than fabric.

  5. re going to korea for this race: terrific. what an experience. re food: NO KIMCHEE before the race. none. don’t even think of it. take pop top cans of tuna and live a happy race life.
    go to it!

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