El Vez – The Mexican Elvis

image Last night I went to a show that I knew nothing about beforehand. It was El Vez – The Mexican Elvis. It was 80 minutes of rock song covers with Weird Al style lyrics driving home an extremely unambiguous political message. While singing songs for immigrant rights, Bush bashing, and getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq he tore apart pictures of President Bush, made several costume changes (including an Uncle Same suit and a Tiger jumpsuit), and had a woman in a Statue of Liberty costume remove her clothes (way further than the audience wanted) to symbolize the stripping of our civil liberties.

It was entertaining, but I think a few games of pool or shuffleboard would have been more fun, closer to home, and cheaper.  That’s the second time I’ve been disappointed with a show at the Kirkland Performing Arts Center, and since Kirkland (a small suburb of Seattle) has nothing else going for it*, I think I’ll stop going before the third strike.

*note: there is the Kirkland Triathlon, which I’ve never done, but which 3-time Kirkland champ Chris Tremonte loves. Plus they have Terra Bite, a coffee shop where there are no prices, you just pay what you think is fair. Apparently they make way more on a cup of coffee than Starbucks, and, since the customer sets the price, people are happy to pay it! To me it sounds like a cheap place for a snack on my long rides.

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  1. You’re completely forgetting the Friday night party piglets that stroll up and down the street in Kirkland looking for a sugar daddy. Then there’s the ‘I’m not a sugar daddy but I’ve got this Honda Civic I put $21,000 into’ guys following the party piglets. I think some people watching and a $.23 cup of decaf sounds like a fun night on the town (of Kirkland).

  2. Haven’t you heard of the Fidel Castroettes? They’re the best polygamist musical singing group ever, and they beat out the El Vez at American Idol last year.

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