I Want My Maps!

 image I did some really cool long workouts over the weekend. When I went to upload the data from my Forerunner 305 the maps didn’t show. Only the shorter workouts would show up, so I clicked ‘upload’ again in the Motionbased agent – still no luck. Turns out last week when I switched the data recording option to ‘every second’ from ‘smart recording’ I forgot to switch back. Thus, I had too many data points in the long workouts for the Motionbased account to handle. I wish MB would fix this problem, along with a slew of others I have with their site. It has improved slightly over the past year that I’ve been using it, but those improvements have not been so much with function as with general speed of the sight (i.e. page load times, upload times, etc.). I’m really excited for the new connect.garmin.com which will work with the new Garmin Forerunner 405 and Edge 705. The edge will also gather data from the Quarq CinQo power meter, which will hit stores next month.

As for my workouts, I found a back entrance to Saint Edwards Park, which is about four miles from my house and has some great mountain biking and trail running paths. I suppose if I can’t show a map then the back entrance to the park (which lets me get there without running up 600 feet on a smoggy road to the regular entrance) will just have to be my secret. The bike ride I did was fun, but the biggest bummer is that I have no idea where I went. Chris Tremonte and I got fairly lost in an area near Issaquah filled with new tract homes that remind me of the show Weeds. It was one of those rides where you think you’re still riding away from the start when all of a sudden you bomb down a hill and end up on a road you’ve traveled dozens of times.

The weather in Marin County is 40 degrees warmer than here. That’s a degree for every 25 miles from Seattle. It’s also not raining in California, which means my clean bikes might stay clean when I get there in a couple weeks.

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