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2008-05-14_IrisII 028This morning after swimming I had two eggs and a bowl of cereal, which is pretty much standard. That was 7am, but now it’s noon and I wanted to find something un-standard to satisfy my hunger (and to power a lunchbreak nap). I’m not a huge banana fan, but after eating 4 lbs of strawberries yesterday (not by myself), something not red sounded pretty good.

I’ve never noticed a bunch of bananas that ripen so unevenly. Why would half be ripe while the other two are hard and green? Can anyone answer this? (The ripe one I ate was good. mmm…organic.)


2008-05-14_IrisII 029Then I made a sandwich out of leftover crab cake that my dad bought for dinner last night, some spinach, tomato, and non-flour flax bread (it’s funny, they avoid using flour, but add cornstarch for a binder – that’s a bit silly). It was so good I took a picture.

I promise I’ll find something interesting to write about besdies spectroscopy. In the mean time, go read the blogs listed in my sidebar, like Greg’s, Loren’s, and Rory’s. Here’s a picture of the lowest tide of the year. (It smelled awful.)

2008-05-14_IrisII 024 For those paying attention, this post really didn’t have much pondering, and it’s tough to really call a sandwich and fruit pupus, but I like alliteration and couldn’t think of another short way to say I had an awesome lunch that was worth writing about.

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  1. Just wait until you have Desiree’s Muffins. Every time I make them I add more stuff:
    1/2 cup flaxseed oil, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup all bran cereal. I do NOT advise running afterwards.

  2. one time I had All-bran for breakfast. running a few hours later was probably not the best idea.

    that crab sandwich looks good. know what I like sometimes? imitation crab – it’s some kind of white fish with flavoring/coloring or something. It’s cheap, tasty, and good nutrition. highly recommended.

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