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I updated my web sight software last night. Now it looks good in IE and Firefox (the pretty white background only worked in IE before). At least, I think its all working better. If you happen to come across a page that looks wrong, or a link that doesn’t work, please let me no (sew I can make it write) buy sending me a massage from the contact form.image My theory with site design is the same as with righting in general: thee more people that reed it, the less you knead to double check yourself. Blog subscribers are like thousands of ades all working together to edit my gaffs (too much?). And since they’re are 15% moore readers now than too months ago, shouldn’t that mean my posts are 15% more perfect?

Well, not according to my mother, who recently sent me an email with about 10 different homonym misuses. “Merry” Poppins, “Plain” of motion, kicking my “feat”, etc. (I just finished reading Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, and now I have the urge to use “etc.” and “and so on”. And to start sentences with “and” or “so”.) Come on people! As much as I would like to claim that these blunders were all purposeful acts of wit, they are obviously mistakes that the thousands of weekly ‘editors’ should pick up! Right?

OK, maybe I need to reread my posts before I hit ‘publish’, but there’s always a hurry to go eat, stretch, train, sleep, write a second sarcastic post in one day…

And so on.

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  1. so i started detailing all your ‘misuses of homonyms’ then i gave up.

    by the way, vonnegut is my favorite author and you should read ‘welcome to the monkeyhouse’. it is one of my favorite books ever.

    and so on.

  2. greg is like in LOVE with david foster wallace, who himself loves starting sentences with “and but so then (blah blah blah).”

    totally annoying.

    oh now he just said he likes kurt vonnegut a lot too. i am not surprised. i bet DFW likes kurt as well. GROAN.

    actually the reason proofreading is so important is that when people are reading something and they find an error, their brains switch from a receptive mode to a critical one for basically the rest of the document. i am sure you already knew this though.

  3. david foster wallace is pretty good, sometimes really good but sometime it’s all ‘now, look at this device i’m using. see how clever i am’

    everyone likes kurt though

  4. My God Son, what did you do with those education funds your mom and I came up with?

    For that much I guess you had fun so that is OK. DAD

    PS Is there a homonym checker {other than your Mom} that is worth bothering with?

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