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I don’t like secrets, so I feel like I should air my laundry. That way come Sunday everyone knows exactly what to expect. What mean is, here’s my race plan:

image Swim 1.5miles from a boat in the bay to a Marina in San Francisco. I’m going to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, and I’m going to love every minute of freezing my head off in non-shark infested water (no sharks, right?)

Run #1: I’ll grab shoes at the water exit. After all, the K-Swiss Ultra Natural Run is pretty easy to put on in a hurry.

Bike: 18 miles of fun. Drink and eat some, enjoy myself because it hurts, but not as much as

Run #2 (the real one): 2 miles flat, four miles of up, down, sand, ladders, trails, trees, awesome views, water and 2 last miles of flatness.

Then I finish. That’s pretty much all there is to it: Have fun, go fast, follow the signs that say turn… I know some other guys have more elaborate race plans, but I find if I plan I just feel bad about not sticking to the plan. It’s not warfare, it’s a race, and it’s fun.

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  1. And as races go, looks to me you had a good one. Sorry you screwed up your foot, I’m sure that made the race a bit less fun but knowing you, I’ll bet you still had fun. DAD

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