Christmas in July

imageToday I posted for the first time to the Garmin Blog. It was all about my new Garmin Edge 705, and the longest story ever about a 15 minute bike ride.

I just wish I had some pictures of me standing on the side of the road, wearing a Speed Racer jersey. It was my birth-week, so I took the liberty of wearing all the obnoxious jerseys in my collection – this particular one was given to me by my "friends" in Hawaii at my going away party. I think they wanted to make sure I would never again make friends and would end up moving back to Hawaii. If it weren’t for semi-tolerant dorks like Loren, it probably would have worked.

I’m in Tiburon, California from yesterday until the 9th, but rather than taking over the refrigerator (and to a lesser extent the guest suite) at the Pokorny house, I’m staying at the Placak residence. Bob Placak puts on the Tiburon Mile open water swim every year. His house is beautiful, and it’s a pleasure to stay here while he’s off in Omaha watching the US Olympic Trials for swimming. The only catch – I have to drive four kids to all kinds of summer activities. This means about three hours of driving a day from now until Monday. Driving a mini-van I feel like Vin Diesel in the pacifier – only much safer – and I’m thinking of shaving my head so I can better play the part.

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