“That’s like putting 20 pounds of Manure into a 10 gallon Bag”

I tried to get more done this week than I had time for, so today I am pretty busy still fitting stuff in. Mainly what I still have to do is pack for the next eight weeks that I will spend “on the road”. Tomorrow I go back to Marin where I will house sit and chauffeur for my friend Bob’s kids. From there I go straight to Geneva, New York for the Musselman Triathlon, then to the New York City Triathlon a week later. After those races I fly directly to Colorado Springs for a training camp at the Olympic Training Center I did cross off a lot of my to-do list, however, and even a bit more. Here’s a list of things accomplished this week:

  1. Birthday Party
  2. Acupuncture at Institute of New Medicine (inewmed)
  3. Massage (With Jenny Eagers)
  4. Pilates at Pilates Northwest (With Jes Notman – she’s awesome)
  5. Dr.’s visits
  6. Visits to Herriott Sports Performance

2008_6_27_Birthday 014

I also went up to Lake Stevens and rode the 28 mile bike loop with some Colombian triathletes (left) that are here preparing for the 70.3 this weekend.  The transition area is about a 45 minute drive from my parents house, but because I met Chris Tremonte and the Columbians over in Redmond the adventure took most of the day. I ended up being late for my massage (noted above) and only got 75 of the 90 minutes I was hoping for – still an excellent massage though.

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  1. there are some things here that i am DYING to tease you about (namely your “day of beauty” schedule, and the flowers on your tank top) but i don’t want you to ice my comment, so i’ll just say:

    have a great trip!

  2. I think her use of “ice” is to say she hopes I don’t delete her comment. Which I didn’t. But had she mentioned how I was the only one who removed his sunglasses for the picture, or how I got a new helmet and once again have the excess strep hanging down from my chin, or how my Team Jet top and bottom don’t really match… Well then I may have “iced” her comment.

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