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I lo2008_6_27_Birthday 008ve birthdays.image I really try to remember them with my friends, and do something to make them special. I feel like everyone deserves a day in the year where they can be the center of attention. Today was my day, and even though it was fairly uneventful, I had quite a happy birthday.

I swam this morning, and had a great set of 5×300’s, then my swim coach (who also coaches high school cross country) gave me some aqua jogging (water running) pointers. He likes to teach sprint running form in the water because it really works the full range of motion and forces you to engage your gluteus. It was fun.

Back at home my mom was already starting to work on my birthday cake, and (just as I predicted) she had found two extra recipes that could not possibly be passed up. I was pretty excited for my favorite dinner that my dad had promised to fix: Fresh Alaskan Salmon, Fresh Salad, Green Beans, and Orzo Pasta – it’s magnificent.

While she slaved away in the kitchen I went out for a 60 minute spin on the bike, which took two hours because my phone kept ringing from people wishing me happy birthday. It’s hard work being so popular, but that’s why I didn’t plan a serious workout today.

2008_6_27_Birthday 005 My dad, who went to bed early on Thursday while feeling less than stellar, didn’t remember our conversation about my dinner request, and waited until about 6:30pm before asking me what I was cooking for my own birthday dinner.  Oops. It was less magnificent: BBQed Chicken and a big ‘ol’ Salad. Still delicious.

The cakes were awesome, and really capped off the greatness of the day. One was thick and fudgy, one was breadier with cherries baked in and one was vanilla cake with coconut icing and strawberries. Amazing. My mom kicks a**.

My dad asked me today if I wanted anything for my birthday. It’s funny because in the past there’s always been something, even something small that I could use. One year it was a backpack and a tent for camping (REI basement sale – woohoo!). This year I can’t think of anything. I’m just happy to be home with my family, and to have such a wonderful birthday. I told my dad I wanted a hug and his support in my triathlon career, and that’s exactly what I got. I feel loved.

Thank you to all the people that called, emailed, sent text messages, messaged me on facebook, and even came by my house. You Rock.

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  1. It didn’t take as long as 25 small ones, but resulted in equal ammount of wax on the cake. And for some reason I had to remind everyone that candles were traditional – really how do you forget the candles?

  2. I think you were cuter when you were five, I mean you’re real handsome and stuff now, but something’s missing. Perhaps it’s the wife beater you’re sporting. I don’t see a Kswiss logo on that baby.

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