Happy 5th Birthday (Repost from 1988)

Ben Collins 5th Birthday in 1988 Ben Collins on his first bike (age 5)

My mommy told me last night that I was born at 12:13am, so I could stay up really late. I fell asleep and mommy and my sister ‘u’an carried me to bed because I didn’t wake up.

Today I get to have a birthday party and Tyler is coming over and ‘u’an and me can ride bikes on the flat road by Norm’s house. My mommy never let me use training wheels, but I don’t need them. She used to run behind me and hold on to my t-shirt so I wouldn’t fall over, but now I’m big and I can ride by myself, but I have to wear a helmet. Ben & Robert Collins

I’m a big boy now [I say holding up a full five fingers], so I can read the newspaper with my daddy, and then we can go swing in the yard and I get to wear a coat and tie all day long.

Robert, Ben, Ruth Ann, and Susan Collins - 1988

Strawberries and cake and ice cream are really good. We also ate cherries that we picked form across the street. After cake I got to open my presents, and I got the coolest toy. It’s Optimus Prime from the Transformers and he turns from a Mac Truck with a trailer into a robot. I really like the Transformers movie, but I don’t like that Optimus Prime dies. When I grow up I want to be a robot.


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  1. 1) Are you wearing coulottes?
    2) Dude, that’s a girls bike – even with a blue basket on backwards
    3) Your legs haven’t changed much
    3a) I SEE WHITE SOCKS AND SANDALS. You might as wear a Casio watch to attract the ladies.
    4) Happy Birthday little Ben.

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    So cute!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN!!!! Hope it’s an excellent year for you – racing and beyond, filled with new paths, new adventures, new lessons and much growth.

  3. i still have my jetfire transformer. he was THE COOLEST (so was/am i).

    your 5 year old hair was awesome. almost as awesome as your hair in that photo on facebook. you know which one i am talking about.

    happy birthday!

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