6000 Words about a Weekend in the Bay

Pictures are worth way more than words.

2008_6_22_SF&MtDiablo 007Left: Greg Remaly, Me, and Chris Lieto in front of the Base Nutrition Green Machine after the Mt. Diablo Time Trial.

2008_6_22_SF&MtDiablo 004Right: Greg Remaly spends most of his time away from home talking to Courtenay Brown.


 2008_6_22_SF&MtDiablo 011

Left: I took the BART back to San 2008_6_22_SF&MtDiablo 017Francisco after the race.

Right: Tracy Bucholski took me up to twin peaks to show me the view,  but it was 2008_6_22_SF&MtDiablo 020so foggy we couldn’t see anything and 2008_6_22_SF&MtDiablo 022so windy I was  almost blown off the hill (left).

Right: It turns out robots are allowed to stand in public without clothing. That is so not fair.


That’s all the good pictures from the weekend. Today I started playing with my Garmin Edge 705, but ended up with a flat tire five miles from home and no spare tube/bike pump. I called my dad, who came out with a spare wheel to hand me and a frame pump, but when I tried to fill the tire on the new wheel it actually lost air. My frame pump apparently doesn’t work, so after about five minutes of trying to figure it all out I had two flat tires and was lucky to have a ride home. My theory up to this point was that flat tires only happen when you expect them (and therefore bring repair tools). This was the first time I’ve had a flat that I was not prepared for (after many many many many miles of unprepared cycling.), and hopefully it’s my last. I also got a new pair of Rudy Sunglasses – the Zyons – and a new helmet – the Rudy Project Kontact+. I’m not sure yet if the helmet looks better than my old one, but it’s way lighter weight and more comfortable.

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  1. It’s so not pro to ride (and risk a lost workout) without repair tools – if not for you, think about a stranded maiden who could you could assist – also allowing you to represent your sponsors in such a meaningful way.

    Great photos. I’ve never seen Greg talking on the phone. Oh that’s right – I’VE ONLY SEEN GREG talking on the phone to Courtenay, it’s actually nice to see people who like each other that much.

  2. Hi Benny! I JUST found this blog…and I’m ashamed to say it was because I googled myself…haha, but at least I wasn’t alone when I did it, my friend Liz is with me. : p Anyway, awesome pics!! Please send me copies!!!

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