Seattle for a Week

The season is officially in full swing, and that means I will be home in Seattle a very small number of days between now and November. I got back today, and will be trying to do as much as I can while I’m in town.

Here’s my short list of things I have to do in Seattle:

  1. Get my teeth cleaned (six months goes by so fast)
  2. Go see Peter and William and Brian and the gang at the Institute of New Medicine.
  3. Go into Herriott Sports Performance and do some vacuuming (note to my mom: it’s only good for my back when I do it there, vacuuming at home would be over-training) I will probably do some VO2 and Lactate testing this week as well, which will let me know if the past five weeks of training have been working.
  4. Eat Thai food
  5. Pilates at Pilates Northwest with Jes Notman (instructor extraodinar)
  6. Make sure everyone knows that Friday is my birthday. It’s been a pretty good year, so I have lots to celebrate.
  7. Have a birthday party! This is obviously the most important. Friday is my birthday (June 27th) which means beach volleyball (which is actually on the grass and not in sand) at my parent’s house.

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  1. *
    it’s your birthday friday…and i was going to send a big e-note to surprise you (that i read your note on it before/”20 days after xxx’s). well, it won’t be a surprise now, but i’ll try to remember to get something off. it’ll be a great day.
    your vacuuming inability note to your mother reminds me of……myself.
    * ta daa….the website has again decided to let me write a response.

  2. I see nothing about cleaning your room – which you are actually very good at. Your mum would have been proud at how you left the guest suite here in T-town.

    Other things:
    Get a haircut
    Sign your contracts
    Send out invoices
    Have Clif send stuff here, I’ll watch it for you


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