I Want to Use my Computer

I’m having to remember how to post to my blog without MS Live Writer. it’s not hard, but when I’m using other people’s computers I can’t add pictures I’ve taken.

Among the events where I took pictures that will not be posting until I’m back in Seattle tomorrow is the Mt. Diablo Hill Climb Time Trail.  I was 10th overall, and 2nd in the “elite” 4’s. I raced quite poorly. I went out way too hard and blew up by mile 4 of six. I was about two minutes slower than my goal time, but I did learn that training with a power meter can be very helpful. Apparently my perceived exertion on the bike is much lower when I haven’t just swam 1500 meters.

Greg Remaly left yesterday, and I’m staying with my friend Tracy in San Francisco. It is WAY colder here than in Tiburon. WAY COLDER!!!

Tomorrow I head to Seattle for a week. Everyone needs to mark Friday on their calendars. It’s probably the most important day of the year because June 27th is my birthday.  I’m hoping some readers that don’t normally speak up through comments will send some birthday love! I just with there was a race, so I could wear a custom swim suit like Courtenay Brown.  I asked my mommy for a dark chocolate cake with raspberries. I’m hoping this year is like most in that by asking for a very specific cake she ends up finding recipes for two other cakes that she can’t pass up, and in the end I have three birthday cakes. Plenty to share!

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  1. I should have ordered you a pink and purple and white swimsuit with cupcakes on it (they don’t have a muffin graphic) for your birthday, which is the second most important day of the year.

  2. In case I forget on the actual day: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN!!!!

    You never did tell me how long you were staying in Marin. Now you’re leaving. THANKS A LOT.

  3. don’t worry he’ll be back in a week to house sit and play chauffeur at another house in Tiburon

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