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I’ve been in Tiburon for nearly a month, and during this time I’ve met a few people that frequently read my weblog. Socially, this is quite challenging because 80% of the good stories I have from the past year, which I would normally use as ice breakers when I meet somebody, have already been told. So Greg shows up (I have to pause for a moment to say the new version of Windows Live Writer is awesome. It just automatically tagged the word “greg” so that it linked to Greg Remaly’s website.) this week and, though we’ve never actually hung out, we both feel as if we know each other on some level. And that’s true, but since I would like to believe that there is more to me than what I am able to fit into the published footnotes of my life, I’m going point out some things about Greg that don’t come across on his blog.

  1. Greg Remaly with Pig He has a great laugh. We’ll just be sitting around the living room and he will bust out with a hearty belly laugh about something completely out of the present. It makes me laugh to hear him laugh, and I’m not even sure what he’s laughing about.
  2. He is much better at Hearts than me.
  3. He is an astrology buff and can tell you exactly what sign you are based on your birthday. Sure, that’s no harder than learning the months in another language, but he also knows something about each zodiac sign.

It’s possible that I’m downplaying my own writing abilities by claiming that my whole self is not portrayed in my stream of conscious blogging. Maybe triathlon has become too large a part of my life for me to distinguish ben from bencollins.org, but I don’t think that’s true. That other 20% that I don’t have time to write about, or tactfully choose not to record on the infinite expanses of the internet, is enough to keep me feeling like a distinct human being.

This is how you get to Burritoville in Larkspur. From Paradise Cay where Loren lives.

I love Burritos.

Seriously. I can eat a burrito every day and and I will never grow tired of it.

I may grow in other ways from it.

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  1. i am not in love with burritoville. i do, however, adore high tech’s steak and vegetable burrito in san rafael.

    the internet is a wierd thing. there are those people that write (very profitably) about every single thing in their lives. but then they have massive identity attacks.

    just do many more interesting things, and then you can keep half of them stored away to pull out at parties or to impress girls and you can give the internet the other half

  2. I agree, greg has a big and frequent laugh and he does not have a pig at his side – a real shocker. What doesn’t come across in Greg’s blog is the state of his car – inside and out. He really should apply for federal aid. The only other parts of your life I know about involve yoghurt, All-bran, clandestine road-side activities, and sleep. You could blog about your watch or finally getting that list of swim focus prioritization.

  3. Wow I’ve never heard of Burritoville. I may have to give it a try since I’m always in search of good burritos.

    You know, I feel like when you finally meet fellow bloggers, it’s more like reconnecting with an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Because, really, by now, we know a fair amount about each other’s lives but we don’t know all the little details.

    Like when I finally met Courtenay and Greg, I was like “HEY GUYS! IT’S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!” As if it had just been months since we’d last visited and we were finally getting together again. Only it wasn’t ‘again.’ Same as Loren and Chris and Kelly. I think the point is that you know you have enough in common that you could chat about, and the potential of finding out new things about these blogger-tri-friends is even more exciting (like Greg knowing astrology…).

  4. YAY HIGH TECH!! well if I could eat burritos that is where I would be. Godzilla burrito with NUCLEAR hott sauce!… mmm I miss burritos.

  5. I guess we’re going to have to find some kick @$$ burritos in Seattle while you’re home! Man, now I have a major taste for a burrito! YUM. Oh, and I love the pig!

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