I have to write something

I’m so tired. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

After taking it easy on Tuesday when I arrived in Colorado Springs, I jumped right into the mix with the rest of the Elite Development Program athletes (go EDP!). We’ve done some track workouts, some swim sprints, some long bike rides, and some serious eating. Seriously, we eat A LOT of food.

Other than that I sleep as much as I can.

The Olympic Training Center is pretty cool. There’s lot of good riding around here, and the ten lane 50m pool on campus is pretty much perfect for a training pool (“pretty much” because it’s indoors). I could see myself getting a little bored with the running trail right next to campus, but it’s nicer than the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle (where warning signs should be posted to indicate the dangers of running on crowned pavement next to crazy cyclists and dog walkers).

We get to take advantage of an ice bath and the physical therapists at the Sports Med Center, and there’s also a recovery center with massage therapists and other wonderful things, but the EDP isn’t granted access.

I tried to find a campus map on the internet, but couldn’t, and I still don’t have my computer cables so I can’t take any pictures to put up. I’ll try to fix that soon, ‘cause I totally suck at blogging the past two weeks.

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  1. ha, campus map?

    The running is not too hot. I would suggest running over to Palmer Park, if you want a nice trail run. It is only about 3 miles away. I did grow somewhat sick of the creek trail, but now I kind of miss it on occasions. Definitely miss the pool and the food.

    Are you going to come up here for a bit, or not?

    John Dahlz is soooooo Developement!

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