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Last week I neglected to post because I was so busy running around New York having fun, and this week I’ve been trying to get used to the thin air of Colorado Springs.

Here’s the short vesion of stuff I’ve been up to.

image New York City was hella hot (though in New York they would say “mad hot” and in Boston they would say “wicked hot”, but since I’m still from Seattle I’ll use “hella”), and humid too, so I went to see a movie with my friend Lizzie, who lives in Brooklyn.  I wanted to see batman, until I found out it was 150 minutes long. Then I saw that somebody made a cinema version of Mamma Mia!, and I love musicals, Abba, and blatant overacting. The movie fullfilled all of these loves, so I left happy. Now I have the urge to overact every part of life. Or I did before I got to Colorado Springs.

I’ll be here for the next three weeks training with the National Development Camp at the Olympic Training Center. It’s a lot like summer camp, or freshman year of college. We’re staying in dorms. image My roommates are Jahn Dahlz and Greg Billington, and we’re staying in a 12×12 room with cinder block walls – that’s the part that’s like freshman year. So far in three days I’ve taken a rest day (c’mon I had to recover from racing and travel), then swam almost three hours, rode two and a half hours and ran around a lake and around a track and tomorrow we’re doing more of it. Lots more – and that’s the summer camp part. No classes, but endless activities.

I’d post some pictures, but I left a bag with all my computer cables in New York, so along with a dead cell phone battery I also have no way to upload pictures, or Garmin workouts to my computer.

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  1. I can’t believe you passed up “dark knight” in favor of “mamma mia” (even though ABBA does have some good tunes). And it’s not like “dark knight” was sold out or anything. I think you might get teased about this for a while.

    enjoy freshman summer camp!

  2. I’m horribly, horribly curious about OTC. it sounds so wierd/awesome. but then if i went all the way there and ended up rooming with dahlz.i bet you guys have pillow fights and gossip about the girls down the hall

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